Green Policy

Thwaites Limited’s Commitment to the Environment and Carbon Emission Reduction

Thwaites recognises the need within the construction industry as well as our local community to practise environmentally sound and sustainable manufacturing. We will endeavour to design, manufacture and supply dumpers that are safe to use and efficient in their performance. Thwaites will be committed to the well-being of future generations and strongly believes in efficient business practices. To achieve this long-term pledge the Company will address and improve activities in the following areas:

  • To assign a Management Committee to implement and monitor the principles explained in this policy.
  • To comply with existing and future environmental legislation throughout its activities.
  • To encourage suppliers to reduce, reuse, or use recyclable material when possible.
  • To design products that will assist in reducing their environmental impact.
  • To improve its manufacturing and administrative processes with the aim of conserving energy and reducing waste.
  • To promote environmental awareness among employees, suppliers and customers.
  • To monitor regularly and audit annually the performance achieved in the areas mentioned above and to keep all parties informed of the progress made.

The Board and Management of Thwaites are fully committed to focusing on all environmental issues. We will endeavour to continually improve our impact upon the environment supported by management systems necessary to achieve this objective.

Simon Hill