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Continual Improvement Continues at Thwaites

Thwaites have invested in a new fibre laser cutting machine from leading technology provider Amada.  The ENSIS-AJ 3015 12kW fibre laser, with an AS LUL-3015 automatic loader, delivers high speed piercing, cutting, efficient loading and storage.

Amada UK Machine Sales, Assistant Manager; Paul Malone said “The unique features of the ENSIS-AJ3015 fibre laser include, Variable Beam Control, here Thwaites can change the diameter and shape of the beam to cut, for example, thinner material with a higher density beam, then in an instant change to a CO2 style beam for cutting thicker plate. All automated for a quicker, efficient and effective production process”.

With ongoing price pressure, driven by global supply issues, this machine from Amada will further reduce factory waste, ensuring productivity is optimised, whilst energy efficiencies allow for greater output at a reduced cost to the environment.

Amada UK Area Machine Sales Manager Mark Groom said “The other key feature Thwaites have chosen from Amada is, the automatic storage tower, the AS LUL 3015. This allows sheet metal to be loaded into the tower, then automatically processed with the benefit of being able to interrupt the load schedule for short run-or one-off cuts”.

Thwaites Operations Manager Lee Mayne said “The installation, commissioning and training all went to plan. The machine is now operational and adding value. With cutting speeds, when processing with nitrogen, up to 600% faster than conventional CO2 laser machines.  We can expect to see a reduction in running cost of between 70% & 80%. The Thwaites team have enjoyed the training and are pleased with the early results”.

Investing for continual improvement will ensure that Thwaites builds on its reputation of producing the highest quality site dumper on the market. This significant investment will be good for future productivity, good for the environment and good for Thwaites owners and operators.