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ROPS+ a Concept Solution to the Changing Industry Standard.

At Intermat Paris, April 2024, Thwaites introduced ROPS+, a concept solution that ensures operator safety and standards compliance, with manufacturing standard EN474 2022: part 6, effective from spring 2025.

The standard refers to front mounted dumpers, with an operating mass of over 3,500 kg & under 4,500kg.

The standard states that these machines shall be provided with an additional means (for example cabs) to prevent the operator from being ejected from the overall dimensions of the machine, in the event of a machine tip or roll over.

For Thwaites this will mean that #dumpers in the 1-tonne to 4.5-tonne range will be below the threshold and unaffected by the new standard.

Dumpers in the 6-tonne and 9-tonne range however will be affected.

To comply with the standard, the 9-tonne Front Tip dumper will be offered exclusively fully cabbed only.

The 6-tonne Power Swivel and Front Tip dumpers will be offered with two fully compliant solution options.

Option 1: The existing fully cabbed dumper.

Option 2: ROPS+

ROPS+ an extension of the established Roll Over Protection System, (ROPS).

Watch the video to find out more here: