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Thwaites Flying the Flag at Bauma

Thwaites look forward to celebrating their 81st year as a machine manufacturer at Bauma 2019.

On site safety, engineeringexcellence and operational effectiveness remainat the core of all Thwaitesproduction. These attributes drive research and development ensuring that the product excels, delivering to contractors and clients all over the world a range of machines that minimise risk, improve productivity and reduce operational cost.

Whilst manufacturing continues today on the same site it all began in 1937. The company’s development and continued investmentensures the plant has one of the most integrated,smart manufacturing processes in the industry. Atthe Warwickshire ‘factory’ Thwaites cleverly combine the millions of pounds invested in fibre lasers, robotic welders and digitally controlled milling machines, with the experienceand skill of a team of engineers, welders, paint sprayers and assembly workers. Manufacturing a range of dumpers, that arerobust and ready for the demands of today’s exacting market.

Exhibiting at Baumafor the 10thtimespanning more than 30years,Thwaites see real value in flying the flag for British manufacturing. Baumavisitors are relevant and knowledgeable. There is a powerfulmixand opportunitywhen as a manufacturer, our export sales team standwith our European distributors and their customer, in one conversation, in one place, face to face to ‘talkdumpers’. Multiply this factor many times a day,over seven days and the intel and data becomesizable and invaluable.

In addition we welcome the opportunity to ‘talk dumpers’and outline, with a machine walkaround, what truly differentiates a Thwaites machine

With over 30 establishedThwaites distributors providing coverage from Iceland to India,the EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East) region is one of strategic importance to the Thwaites. Baumaattracts a truly representative audience and a primeshowcase, to display and demonstrate the 2019 range of Thwaites dumpers.

The stand will show the latest range of dumpers from thecompact1 tonne to the powerful 9 tonne.

Advanced engineering solutions in engine design to further reduce particulate matter and NOX are of great interest to Thwaites this year with the transition from Stage 4 to Stage 5 engines on applicable models.

The safety of operators whilst loading dumpers is anindustryissue and subject matter that Thwaites have been extensivelyconsulted on and contribute widely. Thwaites cabbed dumper with a range of all-roundvisibility technology will be on display on stand FN.1019/9 in the open area north of the Baumasite.