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Thwaites Super Seven

Thwaites arepleased to announce the launch of their Super SevenDumper. Showcasedat Plantworx 2019 June 11th-13ththe new machine embodies the engineering excellence that is synonymous with all Thwaites machines.

With 7 key features,the new 7-tonne machine gives operators greater visibility, stability and ease of use.

Launching the Super SevenThwaites MD Ian Brown said, “The objective of the Super Sevenisto deliver 7 key improvements that will enable enhanced operator visibilityand greater stability. Focused on ensuring risk is reduced for both siteworkers and the operator, whilst increasing payload and productivity”.

The machine,designed by the Thwaites Warwickshire based engineering team,who were driven by the vision ofimproving the operator’s ability to be seen, without sacrificing the effectiveness of the dumper’s capabilities on site.

This resulted in the following 7 new features being implemented into the final machinedesign.

1. IMPROVED VISIBILITY: Designing the skip with a lower front edge provides the operator witha much clearer view of any obstacles that may be ahead.

2. SAFER OPERATOR ACCESS / EGRESS: Day glow yellow steps, grab rails and roll bar highlight the importantthree-points-of-contact.

3. ADVANCED 180º FRONT-FACING CAMERA: Provides a clear view of the front blind spot for low-speed manoeuvring.

4. WIDER TRACK FOR GREATER STABILITY: Using axles normally found on our 9-tonnedumper, gives this machinea wider, more stable track.

5. BEST IN CLASS GROUND CLEARANCE: Allows for effortless travel over ruts and uneven ground on any site.

6. COMPLIANT STAGE V ENGINE (NO AD BLUE): A clean, efficient engine with plenty of power whenever you need it.

7. TONNE SKIP CAPACITY: Intelligent skip design allows an additional tonne of carrying capacityover the 6-tonne dumper, whilst providing greater forward visibility.

The machine further develops Thwaites portfolio following the successful launch and market approval of the Thwaites 7-tonne and 9-tonne cabbed machine launched in 2017.